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Alfawise U20 Large Scale 2.8 inch Touch Screen DIY FDM 3D Printer - US

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  • Description:
  • Alfawise U20 is an incredible 3D printer for professionals and amateurs alike. It requires the least effort to set up, so you will be able to finish assembly in just 5 minutes. It boasts high cost-performance ratio - any DIY enthusiast will not be unable to resist. U20 has a large build volume - 300 x 300 x 400mm - designed for big challenges. More importantly, printing with Alfawise U20 is hassle-free because the two resume functions prevent any imperfection and failure due to power outage and filament run-out. Control the process and set parameters on the touchscreen. Enjoy easier and more successful 3D printing!
  • Main Features:
  • 300 x 300 x 400mm big build volume to print more exciting models
  • Precision printing with standard 0.4mm diameter nozzle, accurate alignment, and up to 150mm/s speed
  • ● More successful in 3D printing with filament run-out protectionandpower outage protection
  • 2.8'' full color touchscreen for more intuitive control
  • Fast and easy assembly, only 5 minutes needed to get started
  • Reinforced aluminum alloy construction, wear-resistant, and durable
  • ● 100 Deg.C max. heat bed temperature, 250 Deg.C max. nozzle temperature for various filaments, such as PLA, ABS, PVA, PP, wood filled, etc.
  • ● Automatic leveling function improving our work efficiency, and easy to operate
  • Please to download the upgrade firmware
  • Pleaseto download the user manual
  • Join the discussion, find technical support, up-to-date information, and share your experiences in the .
  • Tip: the power outage recovery functions well when you print more than 0.5mm in height. If the height is less than 0.5mm, it is recommended to print again.
  • Reminder:
  • ● Please read and follow the user manual carefully before you assemble or operate the 3D printer.
  • ● Always use the correct AC voltage for your region.
  • ● Please do not place the 3D printer near flammable / combustible materials, or any heat sources.
  • ● Use the 3D printer only in properly ventilated areas. Maintain a safe distance from the printer.
  • ● Due to different batches of products, the appearance of the rack has minor adjustments but not affect of using. Please be informed.