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Ortur Aufero CNC Engraver STM32 24V 10000 RPM Industrial Grade WiFi Control 3.2 inch Touch Screen Cutter Engraving Machine Modular Installation GRBL1.1 3018

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  • Main Features
  • STM32 Motherboard + GRBL1.1, Industrial Design, Multi-material Cutting, All Metal Structure, 12mm Precision Polished Shaft, 997 DC Motor, Touch Screen Control, WiFi Control, Emergency Stop Safety Device, Modular Installation
  • Powerful Computing Capability & Deeply Optimized System
  • Ortur Aufero CNC engraver adopts STM32 motherboard, which has more powerful computing capability and faster data processing. It is combined with the deeply optimized GRBL1.1 firmware to support the expansion of more functions.
  • Support Candle control software
  • Support Windows, Linux and MAC IOS multiple system 
  • RAM of Computer≥8GB Recommended
  • Industrial-grade Design, More Materials Can be Cut
  • Compared with most engravers on the market, the Ortur Aufero CNC engraver is applicable to a wider range of materials and applicable scenarios. It can engrave more harder and thicker materials. It can process and cut various materials such as solid wood and plastic that bring a better user experience.
  • Strong Power for Easy Cutting
  • The 997 DC motor has stronger power and faster speed, which is more conducive to engraving and cutting. The quality of the dedicated industrial-grade cutter is guaranteed that is not easy to break.
  • More Solid and Simple Appearance Design
  • Ortur Aufero CNC adopts high-strength metal structure, and the spindle lifting module is made of all aluminum CNC parts, which provides a solid platform for the engraver. The integrated wiring harness design makes the installation faster, the layout is more neat and beautiful, and it is not prone to faults caused by the wrong wiring.
  • More Features
  • 12mm Precision Polished Shaft
  • Larger bearing capacity, higher accuracy, better stability and durability
  • Finished T8 Lead Screw
  • Higher accuracy and smoother operation for better engraving and cutting effect
  • XY Axis Belt Tensioning Device
  • XY axis screw belt adjustment device, more convenient to adjust the engraving position.
  • Aluminum Parts + Aluminum Profiles
  • The hardness of aluminum parts is higher than that of Bakelite, the machine is more stable and has longer service life.
  • Emergency Stop Safety Device to Provide Safety Guarantee
  • Ortur Aufero CNC engraver adds an emergency stop safety device to provide users with safety protection.
  • Multiple Control Methods
  • Ortur Aufero CNC engraver supports WiFi remote control, 3.2 inch touch screen and USB connection. Different from the common button screen design on the market, the 3.2-inch touch screen design is more user-friendly and convenient.
  • Modular Installation, Only Takes 20 Minutes
  • Modular design allow you convenient to install, and not easy to missing parts, very friendly to novices.
  • Specification
  • Motherboard: STM32 32-bit motherboard
  • Software: Candle
  • Operating system: Windows, Linux and MAC IOS
  • Engraving area: X300 x Y180 x Z50mm
  • Note: It is strictly forbidden to engrave aluminum/steel products, otherwise there may be a danger of broken blades causing the blade to fly out.